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Hiding black hole found!!!!

Hiding black hole found!!!!

Astronomers have detected a secret black hole with its effects on an interstellar gas cloud. This intermediate-mass black hole is one of the more than 100 million cool black holes expected to be lurking in the galaxy. These results provide a new method to discover other hidden black holes and help us understand the development and development of black holes.

Black holes are such strong gravitational objects, which can survive after falling beyond the horizon, including anything light. Because black holes do not emit light, astronomers should estimate their existence with the effect of their gravity on other objects. The black hole goes up to about five times the mass of the Sun in mass and there is a black hole more than millions of times in the Sun's mass. Astronomers believe that small black holes dissolve and grow slowly, but no one has ever found an intermediate-mass black hole, whose weight was hundreds or thousands of times in the Sun's mass.

A research team led by Shuna Takekawa in Japan's National Astronomical Observatory saw a gas cloud roaming strangely near the center of the galaxy 25,000 light years away from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius, HCN-0.009-0.044. They used ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array) to conduct a high-resolution overview of the cloud and found that it is moving around a largely invisible object.

"Extensive kinematic analysis has shown that a vast mass of the sun, which is 30,000 times more than the sun, was centered in our very small area from the solar system, and it is located on that place, Decrease strongly suggests an intermediate mass. Holes by analyzing other odd clouds, we expect to expose other cool black holes. "

"It is important that this intermediate mass black hole was found only in the galactic center, only 20 light-years from the supermassive black hole, in future, it will fall," says Tomohu Oka, Professor of the Keo University and the team's collider. Supermassive Black Hole, In fact, a lot like the gas is currently falling. It supports the merger model of black hole development. "

These results were published as Tachikawa et al. On January 20, 2019, "A more intermediate-mass black hole sign in the Galactic Center" in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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