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83 Giant Black have been found by astronomers

83 Giant Black have been found by astronomers

An international team of researchers says that he has found 83 new super-black black holes at the extreme end of the visible universe - which are so late in reaching the Earth in view of light that it originates from the early universe.

"It is notable that such large-scale dense objects were able to form immediately after the Big Bang," said Michael Strauss, a professor of astrophysically at Princeton University, in a press release. "Understanding how black holes can become in the early universe, and how normal they are, is a challenge for our cosmological model."

The discovery was made by 48 astronomers around the world who described the findings in five new papers in the publication of The Astrophysical Journal and Japan's Astronomical Observatory.

This discovery was based on data collected with"state-of-the-art equipment" hyper-super time-cam in the Subaru Telescope at Hawaii's National Astronomical Observatory in Hawaii, which was added by researchers with the readings of three more telescopes around the world.

The newly discovered black hole is a quasar, which shoots the case in powerful jets. Researchers are hoping that more datagearling and analysis will highlight how the first quasar in the universe could be made.

Yoshiki Matusuk, a researcher at Ehime University, who works on the search, said, "What we searched for, it will be an interesting topic for further comments with existing and future features." "We will also learn about the formation and initial development of [super huge black hole] by comparing the measured density and brightness distribution with predictions from the theoretical model."
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