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20 Sad Facts About Air Pollution :-(

20 Sad Facts About Air Pollution :-(

What Is Air Pollution?

Air pollution can be defined as the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds in the air (including those of biological origin), which create a health risk. In an even broader sense, air pollution means that the presence of chemicals or compounds in the air which are not usually present and which reduces air quality or causes harmful changes to the quality of life (e.g. Due to loss of ozone layer or global warming).

20 Sad facts about Air Pollution :-(😖😣😭

Fact 1: According to Lancet magazine, the possibility of death increases due to a heart attack due to air pollution due to waiting in traffic.

Fact 2: 70% of air pollution in Chinese cities is due to the tailpipe.

Fact 3: 5,000 famine deaths in southern California are due to pollution caused by diesel trucks.

Fact 4: Trips of Grand Canon are unable to see on the other side due to air pollution, it is 1000 miles away.

Fact 5: Poisonous air pollutants are a major threat to children, due to their small size and lung capacity.

Fact 6: Air pollution and consequent deaths are the fastest growing in Asia.

Fact 7: Air pollution that causes smog affects the dolphins and makes them suffer from lung-related diseases.

Fact 8: An average American breathes the air of 2 gallons per minute, which means that approximately 3400 gallons of air are available each day.

Fact 9: Increasing levels of air pollution in Beijing has brought a new disease - Beijing cough.

Fact 10: It takes at least 1-2 years to reduce air pollution.

Fact 11: The lower the eye irritation in it and the sore throat and the difficulty of breathing and death are equally large.

Fact 12: 300,000 people die every year in China due to air pollution due to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

Fact 13: Indoor air pollution is worse than 2-5 times worse than outside.

Fact 14: 65% of deaths in Asia and 25% of deaths in India are due to air pollution.

Fact 15: 2 million cars in Manila, Philippines have 80% of air pollution reasons.

Fact 16: Air pollution increases 40% more than heavy crude oil in heavy crude oil.

Fact 17: Air pollution in traffic increases the possibility of a heart attack.

Fact 18: By 2050, due to air pollution, 6 million people will die each year.

Fact 19: Air pollution is not a recent phenomenon. In 1952, 8,000 people died in London's Great Smog.

Fact 20: The cost of deaths due to air pollution is € 161 billion.

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