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What’s Inside a Black Hole and what if you fell into a black hole

What’s Inside a Black Hole

We basically understand what happens outside the black hole because you reach its event horizon, the infamous point of no return. The event horizon is where the speed of avoiding the speed of light exceeds the speed of light: You have to move faster than light to avoid the black hole's gravity (which is impossible for anything).

The horizon inside the event is where the physics goes crazy. Calculations show how the spacetime texture looks inside the black hole, it depends on the history of that black hole. It can be a number of turbulent, twisted, or any other thing. One thing is sure, though: Tidal forces will kill you .

According to the theory, within a black hole, something is called extraordinary. An extraordinary thing is that the whole case is crushed in a black hole. Some people talk about this as the point of infinite density in the center of the black hole, but it is probably wrong - it is true that this is what classical physics tells us, but the singularity is also where the classical physics breaks down. So, we should not believe what it says here.

In a very specific mathematical case, in a spinning black hole, singularity becomes a point rather a ring. But that mathematical situation does not really exist. Others say that singularity is actually a whole surface inside the event horizon. We do not know. It may be that, in the actual black hole, singularities are not present.

The wormhole is theoretically possible, looking at the right conditions. But those conditions in the real universe will almost certainly not exist.

What if you fell into a black hole

If it was a stellar-mass black hole, then you would have died before the event horizon. That's because, because if you think of a black hole as a pit, then steller-mass black hole has a stator side compared to the supermassive black hole. Tidal forces are very fast for you to survive on the event horizon, resulting in your spaghettification  (yes, this is a technical term).

So let us travel in a superb black hole. Crossing the horizon of the event, you will not be able to see much (except for some interesting light effects and many extra g of gravity). But as you come closer to the singularity, gravity should draw you and squeeze as if you were dough in a bread machine. At this point, you die.

The Closest Black Hole To Earth

The nearest black hole discovered on Earth is several thousand light years away from us. At this distance, these black holes will not have any effect on our planet or its environment.

To date, the nearest black hole, which is called V 616 monocerotosis, is 3,000 light years away and is about 9-13 times the mass of our life-giving sun mass. The next closest is Cygnus X-1 (approximately 6,000 light-years away with the Sun's mass).

The next is the gro J0422 + 32, which is actually one of the 'smallest' so far discovered and about 7,800 light meters away.

As far as we know the nearest supermassive black hole, Sgr A sits in the middle of our home galaxy - Milky Way. This monster is about 27,000 light years away from us.

You can find it in the approximate direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Its massive gravitational pull is currently busy in scattering the nearby stars, by which their mass is automatically added.

The supermassive black hole of our galaxy is estimated to be several million times (about 4.1 million times the exact) from the mass of our sun. But do not worry, our huge distance directly from us does not affect our solar system - at least yet.

It is believed that in approximately 4 billion years our galaxy will collide with our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. When this happens, the stars and their respective black holes will be found together in a mixed new galaxy.

With the possibility of interfering in each other's classes, the stars will start sending in wait, and will always be hungry, two superb black holes jaws. It will ring the death of many stars, and the planets of their child.

Do not worry yet, the probability of the sun will reach the end of your life long before it happens.

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