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The Ghost Train

 The Ghost Train ," Zanetti "

Old Broken Rotten Train In Foggy Scrap Yard

On June 14th, 1911, A train name "Zanetti "with it's 106 passengers was left the train station in Rome.Just for a local sights to the mountains of Lombard but to reach it's destination the train have to go though a 1 k.m tunnel.The train went into the tunnel but never came out from the tunnel.people thought the train might have stuck in that tunnel.So some of the officers from the Rome police with railway authority went to the tunnel to check the train they found nothing there the train was vanished from that tunnel.

 The investigation was didn't even have started but 2 men come to the Romen railway and according to them they were the passenger of that train and they have jumped from the train before the train was going into the tunnel because they have feel something weird
and also they have seen white smog near the tunnel.There statement have made the train mystery even more interesting.After this incident the Roman railway close's the entry of the tunnel for safety purpose.

Ghost train

From the train passengers one of the passenger's relative have found a report from 1926  Archive report which wonder everyone.According to that report in 1845 in mexico's mantel hospital exactly 104 peoples were admitted together and no one knows who are they but all were italian and according to them they were from Rome and came to mexico in a train but distance between Rome and Mexico is about 10k k.m and in between both of the country there is North Atlantic Ocean.While investigation these 104 italian people when all the passengers list from all the ships from Rome to Mexico was investigated no one from these 104 people was in the list .From these Italian peoples one person was carrying a Tobacco box over the tobacco box 1907 was written and this box is still under custody of Maxican police.

But still no one knows were that train is gone.But this train is seen many times in Russia,India,Germany,Italy and Romania.This was a ghost event or a the train is stuck in a time loop no one knows but what's your opinion tell us in the comment section below.

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